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Sun Valley Nutraceuticals

Osteo-Endurance (60 cap)

Osteo-Endurance (60 cap)

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Sun Valley Nutraceuticals Osteo-Endurance, 30 servings (2 capsules daily)

Special Ingredients: Skullcap 4:1 extract, Bowswilia Serrata, Tumeric 95%, Ginger Root,

Bromelaim, Green Tea Leaf, Berberine HCS, Trans-Resveratrol, MSM, Holy Bail Leaf,

Hyaluronic Acid, Cetyl Myristoleate

Brand: Sun Valley Nutraceuticals

Specific Uses For Product: Bone and joint formula

Product Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory, pain management

Item Form: Capsule

Diet Type: Gluten Free

Dosage Form: 2 capsules a day

Flavor: n/a

Allergen Information: n/a

Material Feature: NON GMO

The product comes in a 60 capsule bottle- Take 2 times daily

Manufactured in USA

Osteo Endurance is a unique herbal extract supplement that promotes total joint health by nourishing and strengthening joints! It comprises prime herbs that purely focus on the biological components that impact joint discomfort, in addition to being one of the most comprehensive unique blends for joint support on the market! Joint pain can be exceedingly inconvenient and interfere with regular activities. This tends to deteriorate with age and can be exacerbated by co-morbidities. While there are prescription medicines that can aid with joint health, taking them for an extended period of time is not recommended. In this scenario, all-natural vitamins can provide you with the support you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!

Osteo-Endurance Unique Proprietary Blends:

Joint Flex blend:

This powerful proprietary blend contains ingredients that can maintain joint support and nourish cartilage and connective tissues.  

Osteo enzymatic Blend:

Digestive enzymes have been found that they may also play a big role in overall joint health support! This blend promotes robust gut health which can make big difference added to your diet.

Sun Valley Joint Support Blend:

This very specific herbal blend contains trusted all natural ingredients that has been used for centuries for healthy lifestyles! This blend also will help promote a continued active lifestyle as well!

Why Ginger Root?

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which means it helps to relieve swelling. This could be especially beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms. Taking ginger by mouth or using a ginger compress or patch to your skin may provide pain and swelling relief.

Why Tumeric Root?

Turmeric extracts, taken alone or in combination with other herbal substances, can help persons with knee osteoarthritis reduce pain and improve function. Turmeric may have similar pain-relieving properties to ibuprofen.

Why Boswellia Serrata Root?

In persons with osteoarthritis, taking certain Boswellia serrata extracts alone or in combination with other substances can help to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Why Trans-Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic molecule that acts as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The pathophysiology of knee osteoarthritis (OA) is complicated by inflammation and discomfort, which can lead to tissue destruction and morbidity.

Why Green Tea Leaf?

Green tea also aids in the health and strength of your bones. It may help cure and prevent osteoporosis, a disorder that causes your bones to become weak and more prone to fractures, according to research.

Why Berberine HCI?

Berberine inhibits inflammatory proliferation of FLS cells, suppresses DC activation, modulates Th17/Treg balance, induces gut-mediated immunosuppression, and adjusts the gut microbiota to reduce synovial joint inflammation and cartilage and bone loss.

Why Bromelain?

Bromelain may minimize edema, bruising, healing time, and discomfort after surgery and physical injuries, according to research. It’s commonly used to treat tendonitis, sprains, and strains, as well as other minor muscular problems.

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

The hyaluronic acid in the afflicted joint thins when you develop osteoarthritis (OA). Injections of hyaluronic acid supplement your body’s natural supply. These injections may be referred to by your doctor as “viscosupplementation,” which literally means “helping the fluid in your joints.”

Why Holy Basil Leaf?

Holy basil provides all of these benefits as an adaptogen with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities. It may even be beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis.

Why MSM?

People take MSM by mouth mostly using it to lessen inflammation. They take MSM to try to relieve pain or swelling from: Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis Bursitis, tendinitis, or tenosynovitis

Why Cetyl Myristoleate 20%?

Acting as a joint “lubricant” and anti-inflammatory agent, cetyl myristoleate may help reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. More. CMO has been offered as a “lubricant” and antiinflammatory agent in one package.

Why Skullcap?

Skullcap contains a variety of useful plant chemicals, including antioxidants, which have antiinflammatory properties and protect your cells from free radical damage.

Safety Information: 

Before taking any dietary supplements or vitamins, please be aware of your food allergies. If you start to experience adverse effects, please stop taking this product immediately. Consult with your physician before starting any new dietary or food supplements. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.


Ginger Root, Tumeric Root, Boswellia Serrata Root, Skullcap, Green Tea Leaf, Berberine HCI,

Trans-Resveratrol, Bromelain, Hyaluronic Acid, Holy Basil Leaf, Cetyl Myristoleate, MSM, 

Other ingredients: Gelatine (bovine), rice powder, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicone dioxide 

Directions for Use:

Take (2) capsules a day preferably with food.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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