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Newton Homeopathic

Newton Homeopathics Stress ~ Tension

Newton Homeopathics Stress ~ Tension

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Formulated for associated symptoms such as worry, frustration, emotional sensitivity and the feeling of being mentally and physically drained.

Directions: Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops or pellets by mouth (ages 0 to 11, give 3 drops or pellets) as needed or as directed by a health professional. Under age 2, crush/dissolve pellets in purified water. Sensitive persons begin with 1 drop or pellet and gradually increase to full dose.
Active Ingredients: Equal parts of Chamomilla 6x, Hypericum perforatum 6x, Valeriana officinalis 6x, Aconitum napellus 15x, Argentum nitricum 15x, Aurum metallicum 15x, Baptisia 15x, Bryonia 15x, Chelidonium majus 15x, Cimicifuga racemosa 15x, Conium maculatum 15x, Gelsemium sempervirens 15x, Ignatia amara 15x, Kali carbonicum 15x, Lachesis mutus 15x, Lilium tigrinum 15x, Lycopodium clavatum 15x, Natrum carbonicum 15x, Natrum muriaticum 15x, Phosphoricum acidum 15x, Phosphorus 15x, Picricum acidum 15x, Plumbum metallicum 15x, Sepia 15x, Staphysagria 15x, Stramonium 15x, Thuja occidentalis 15x, Zincum metallicum 15x.
Liquid Inactive Ingredients: Purified water; Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%.
Pellet Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic beet-derived sucrose (lactose free) pellets.

Stress~Tension Active Ingredient's Use:
Aconitum napellus HPUS: Anticipation; Fear, anxiety and worry accompany every ailment.
Argentum nitricum HPUS: Apprehension.
Aurum metallicum HPUS: Headaches; Sleeplessness.
Baptisia tinctorial HPUS: Restlessness.
Bryonia HPUS: Irritable.
Chamomilla HPUS: Impatient.
Chelidonium majus HPUS: Headaches; Indigestion.
Cimicifuga racemose HPUS: Sleeplessness.
Conium maculatum HPUS: Headache.
Gelsemium sempervirens HPUS: Sleeplessness.
Hypericum perforatum HPUS: Nausea.
Ignatia amara HPUS: Oversensitive and nervous; Constantly frustrated.
Kali carbonicum HPUS: Irritable.
Lachesis mutus HPUS: Nervous.
Lilium tigrinum HPUS: Anxious.
Lycopodium clavatum HPUS: Irritable.
Natrum carbonicum HPUS: Oversensitive.
Natrum muriaticum HPUS: Scattered thoughts.
Phosphoricum acidum HPUS: Headache.
Phosphorus HPUS: Anxious.
Picricum acidum HPUS: Tired mentally and physically.
Plumbum metallicum HPUS: Timid; Restless; Anxious.
Sepia HPUS: Irritable.
Staphysagria HPUS: Trembling.
Stramonium HPUS: Stammering speech.
Thuja occidentalis HPUS: Loss of appetite.
Valeriana officinalis HPUS: Over-sensitiveness.
Zincum metallicum HPUS: Sleep broken, unrefreshing.

"HPUS" indicates that the ingredient is in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. If symptoms worsen or persist for more than a few days, consult a doctor. If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a doctor before use.

Disclaimer: NEWTON homeopathics® product uses are based on traditional homeopathic practice. Products/reviews/indications have not been evaluated by the FDA nor for scientific-medical evidence. Product results are not based on randomized, controlled clinical trials (RCTs).

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